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The first link in a complete digital medical record.

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Why you need the SoapNoteApp?

Better Patient Care

Fast, accurate and secure SOAP Notes that you can access when you need them and you can send in advance of the patient to definitive care.

Accurate Patient Data

Enter patient data easily using your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Selecting locations of patient injuries is just a click away.

GPS Location

You can enter your location by name, or simply touch a button for GPS location.

Add Images to Notes in Field

Complex scene? Complex injury? SoapNoteApp allows you to take digital pictures of the scene, a specific injury, or situation and include them in your SOAP Note.

Advanced Features

Truly Mobile Notes

Email your SOAP note to Search and Rescue personnel, Rescue Coordinators, and Hospital Personnel, anywhere you have a connection. Rescue resources can get patient updates and adjust their response time and know what assets to put into the field. If you don't have a connection, SoapNoteApp allows you to save your SOAP Note and email it when you get a connection.

Real-time Sharing

By subscribing to the SoapNoteApp you have the ability to invite specific users to view your SOAP Note as it evolves. The SoapNoteApp now is a way for multiple agencies or rescuers to see in real-time how a specific patient, or multiple patients are reacting to treatment.

Enter Data Once

Whether you are in law enforcement, a medical professional,or a volunteer, we know you have to fill out forms; accident reports, run forms, medical forms. Wouldn’t you like the ability to take information from a SOAP Note and just transfer it? The SoapNoteApp makes this all possible.

What Do I Get With My Subscription?

Secure Storage

This is not just an app for your smart device. The SoapNoteApp is actually a medical records storage system. Your subscription covers server space, secure storage of the data you enter, real-time access, and the ability to transfer data to a variety of medical forms and report forms.

Online Sharing

What is it worth to you to transfer that data quickly and accurately to other forms? What is it worth to you to access past SOAP Notes and store them safely? We think you’ll agree $9.99 a year is an excellent value.

Accurate Chain of Reporting

You know the importance of the SOAP Note as the first link in the chain of medical reporting for a patient. Now your SOAP Notes can travel digitally with the patient to definitive care.