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SoapNoteApp 2.0 Released, now with Android

The team has been hard at work over the past month and has a fresh new release rolling out for everyone.  The big news is that there is now an Android application.  Other changes of note include:

  • Improvements to inline help text
  • Add support for blood pressure location, systolic, and diastolic numbers
  • Reorganize subjective and objective panels to be more clear
  • Added a field for recording patient exam details
  • Unified all AMPLE history fields into common section
  • Moved over to a single body image fir markings
  • Improved photo upload to handle long upload times and eliminate most timeouts
  • Add support for iOS 5.1
  • Add support for the new iPad
  • Misc bug fixes

We are very excited about this new release.  It is based upon all the feedback we recieved from the first two releases along with some new ideas we had to make the application even better this go around.  Please take it out for a spin and let us know what you think.

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